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Customizations to Spectrum UIM integration events causing alarms to be repeatedly asserted and cleared.


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CA Spectrum


The default UIM integration events were customized to remove the alarms and Event Condition rules were added for further processing before custom events and alarms were asserted.

After doing this, we saw the alarms being asserted and cleared over and over again by the specgtwprd user.


Release : Any version of Spectrum integrated with UIM using the SPECTRUMGTW 

Component : Spectrum Integration


When using customer events/alarms for the Spectrum/UIM integration using the SPECTRUMGTW you need to add “enable_custom_alarms=yes” to the spectrumgw config file and restarting the spectrumgtw.

Additional Information

Please reference the "Support for Customized Alarms" section of the documentation for more information.