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Need to update the Endevor Type Definition panel while elements exists in a stage


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There is a requirement to update type definitions to the actual dataset instead of using symbolics. In some ENV members exists and Endevor will not allow and update the type definition.

Message on the screen is 'Elements Exists'.

Is there any way to update the type definition, while elements exist in the stage. 




Release : 18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


Use C1BM5000 (Unload/Reload) utility, it works at the system level.  The utility can unload a system and extract the element(s) needed based on standard SCL criteria.  

Here is the suggested plan;

1 - Unload elements of type REX from ENV/STAGE/SYSTEM/SUBS/TYPE
2 - Delete elements of type REX from ENV/STAGE/SYSTEM/SUBS/TYPE
3 - Make all the changes needed in the type definition.  
4 - Use SCL TRANSFER from Archive elements of type REX (for this example) from ENV/STAGE/SYSTEM/SUBS/REX. 

For more information on Unload/Reload and Transfer from Archive/Unload: