Unable to delete a time entry on a timesheet adjustment
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Unable to delete a time entry on a timesheet adjustment


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I am unable to delete a time entry on a timesheet adjustment. 

The Delete button is missing on the adjusted timesheet.


  1. Go to the Modern UX or Classic UI timesheets
  2. Edit any timesheet on an Open Status
  3. Add a task to the timesheet and enter some actuals
  4. Submit, Approve and Post the timesheet
  5. Edit the posted timesheet and adjust it
  6. Note there is no Delete button
  7. Add a different task to the timesheet
  8. There is no Delete button present

Expected Results: To be able to remove time entries that are not needed.
Actual Results: Unable to remove any time entry from an adjusted timesheet.


  • This is by design and caused by fixes for DE58656 and DE60954 (16.0 and 16.0.1)
  • This is to prevent items from being deleted which need to send an adjustment to WIP. Deleting the tasks will impact financials
  • The recommendation is to set the hours on the tasks you like to adjust to 0, add any additional tasks and hours and Post the timesheet.
  • This should also help adjust the financials accordingly after correcting the timesheet



Note: There may be need to delete tasks from a timesheet when using some integrations and validations, so investigation into bringing back some kind of delete function is ongoing to future releases.