General Inventory collection issue on some systems
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General Inventory collection issue on some systems


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IT Management Suite


Some systems are having an issue returning any Inventory scan.  We saw some with SEP data, but it turned out to be more widespread than just SEP.  Software, Hardware and Computer inventory is missing.
With this issue, running an Inventory Scan will take 1 second to complete.


Issue was seen in 8.5, my be applicable to other versions.


InvConfigSln.xml file is missing from ..\Altiris Agent\Agents\Inventory Agent.

This may be environmental, but we are finding systems that do not have InvConfigSln.xml file in the proper location.  If the agent is reinstalled the file will again be missing.


Resolution is to 

  1. Stop the Altiris agent
  2. Copy the InvConfigSln.xml file over from a valid working system. 
  3. Start the Agent

Then the agent will again send Inventory.