USS server install question
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USS server install question


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


There are several configuration parameters referring to PIPES, for example CA_OPS_UIM_PIPE=/tmp/ops2uim.  My question is is the ops2uim portion of the path referring to a file I need to create, a directory that the USSProc will write another file name to or what? The documentation is not real clear on this matter. 


Release : 13.5

Component : OPS/MVS


The directory /tmp will have to exist.  OPS will create the file ops2uim when OPS initializes...

I'm on this page that I'm sure you know about...

Install the UNIX System Services

Down the page a bit in the "USS Server ENVFILE Requirements" section it says:

CA_OPS_UIM_PIPE=your_name -  Full path name for the named pipe that is used to send events to CA UIM.  Default is “/tmp/ops2uim”. The pipe is created when the USS Server initializes. The Server writes events to the pipe and they are read by the CCS UIM component.


You are correct it's not clear, but yes "/tmp" needs to exist already.