cdm probe error for socket disconnected, port dropped and error code 125.
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cdm probe error for socket disconnected, port dropped and error code 125.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


From the controller log what does the following error mean?

Oct 16 03:02:44:850 [0001] Controller: sockCompleteConnect: socket disconnected
Oct 16 03:02:48:885 [0001] Controller: Port dropped: cdm 48008

The error occurred several times before cdm configuration was gone. cdm stopped collecting data at 16 Oct 3am.


Release : 20.1


target OS: Solaris 11

robot version: 7.93

cdm version: 6.42HF


You may want to try upgrading the robot to take advantage of any fixes.

Any change after setting the controller first_probe_port to a different/higher port than the one being blocked/address already in use?

Please also check what other process/app might be using the port by running:

netstat -an|grep <port>

You can try setting the controller first_probe_port to 48010.

Also as I mentioned, error code 125 indicates 'address already in use.'

Check for core dumps too - and make sure there is not security software blocking the probe/process/port. Sometimes security software blocks ports when hey are not previously whitelisted, e.g., illumio.

Also please check the Solaris Firewall.

To Disable the Firewall:
svcadm disable svc:/network/ipfilter:default

To check the status of the Firewall:
ipfstat -io

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