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Datacom/AD 15.1 FMID CAYTF02 required?


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DATACOM - AD Datacom/Server


CA Datacom/AD 15.1 SAMPJCL SMP/e installation jobs AAX20RCB, AAX30APB, AAX40ACB contain FMID CAYTF00 and the 2nd step to receive FMID CAYTF02 is optional. Why?


Release : 15.1

 CA Datacom/AD


FMID CAYTF00 is the base ODBC component of CA Datacom Server 15.0. Although CA Datacom Server product is likely not being used by your CA Broadcom products, it is provided as part of the CA Datacom/AD 15.1 set of base products. So, it is suggested that it is installed with the base product.

FMID CAYTF02 is the optional USS component of CA Datacom Server 15.0 and would only be installed if your CA Broadcom product requires it. 
There is no need to receive/install it.

Additional Information

So, also disregard SAMPJCL job AAX06MKD. 

Note: the current documentation (as of November 10, 2020) is to be updated to strike reference to AAX15CSU.

The following items 4a and 4b will be stricken from the documentation since AAX03ALU does not exist in the SAMPJCL and is not intended to be:

CA Datacom/AD 15.1 "Prepare the SMP/E Environment for a Pax Installation"

a. Open the SAMPJCL member AAX03ALU in an edit session and execute the AAXSEDIT macro from the command line.
AAX03ALU is customized.

b. Submit AAX03ALU.
This job allocates your zFS data sets.