How to include custom external Jars for a VSE in shared JVM folder
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How to include custom external Jars for a VSE in shared JVM folder


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Hi Team,

We have few custom jars for token validation which have dependencies on certain external jars:


However, Devtest 10.6 has older versions of jars spring-core-4.x.RELEASE.jar and jackson-annotations-2.9.*.jar in the shared folder Lisa10.6.0/lib/shared/.

Due to this version compatibility issue and as it was throwing few Runtime exceptions, we have replaced the old version of Devtest jars with the new version of external dependent jars

in Devtest Server/shared folder.

After this change token validation functionality works fine and seeing expected output when tested using the match script in the VSI. But on replacing these jars in servers, The DevTest Portal is not starting up.

Rather than replacing the jars in the server is there any other approach to handle this scenario?


Error in logs:
MultiException[java.lang.RuntimeException: Error scanning entry module-info.class from jar file:///apps/Lisa10.6.0/lib/shared/jackson-annotations-2.10.3.jar, java.lang.RuntimeException: Error scanning entry module-info.class from jar file:///apps/Lisa10.6.0/lib/shared/jackson-core-2.10.3.jar, java.lang.RuntimeException: Error scanning entry module-info.class from jar file:///apps/Lisa10.6.0/lib/shared/jackson-databind-2.10.3.jar]



DevTest 10.X

Component : CA Service Virtualization


Update Portal dependent Java jar files to a never versions is not supported.


Currently, the use case of having a single server with The DevTest Portal and VSE installed on it will not as you have seen allow for the updating of these dependent JAR files.
When these two components are on the same system they utilize the same JVM.

However, as the Devtest solution is designed to be distributed you should be able to install an additional VSE on a dedicated server without the DevTest Portal installed and deploy your Virtualized Service with the custom JAR's and newer dependencies without impacting other parts of the application.

Please review the installation instructions for installing in a distributed model.

If you are installing a distributed DevTest Solutions system on multiple computers, consider the following approach: