UIM 20.3.x slow Operator Console, Group Trend Report redirects to CABI login, Data Access or Invalid Credentials Error
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UIM 20.3.x slow Operator Console, Group Trend Report redirects to CABI login, Data Access or Invalid Credentials Error


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The OC Home page takes a long time to load and when we navigate to Reports -> Health -> Group -> Group Trend report, it always ends up at the CABI login screen. With our UIM credentials we are not able to login to CABI. This article lists and contains various errors and proposed workarounds/solutions.

Errors/issues might include one or more of the following 20.3/20.3.1 Operator Console and/or CABI issues

  • CABI Home Page loads very slowly
  • Operator Console loads very slowly
  • Operator Console (OC) redirects/defaults to the CABI Login page
  • Data Access Error / Dashboard failed to load
  • Cannot login to Operator Console with LDAP user or Administrator
  • Operator Console login attempt displays Invalid Credentials error
  • CABI Dashboard not displayed in OC / System Component Missing
  • cabi probe not starting
  • wasp probe not starting



  • UIM v20.3
  • UIM v20.3.1


  • DXIM 20.3/20.3.1
  • CABI bundled v4.20/4.30
  • JasperServer v7.1.1/7.5
  • Hub v9.x
  • Robot v9.x



Operator Console (OC) redirects/defaults to the CABI Login page

  1. Log in to Operator Console portlet.

  2. Page kept loading and the customer did not wait for the Home page to load because it was taking a very long time.

  3. Select the ‘Reports’ icon on the left-hand side of the window.

  4. The OC Home page will load all webapps after approximately 1 minute.

  5. Select the Reports icon and ensure that the Reports view renders. For example, when you select Network->Health->Group->Group Trend Report->Run Now, the Group Trend report view should display after about 40 seconds.

Additional information

Since the Operator Console and CABI are different/separate web applications — in order for JasperServer to create a session for CABI — the process of loading the Home Page allows that to happen so the OC Home page must be allowed to load completely first before selecting other icons. Otherwise, if you select the Reports icon before the OC Home page loads, you will be unexpectedly redirected to the CABI login page instead. as shown in the example below.


  • Once the Home page is loaded, the session will be cached and the redirect to the CABI login page should no longer occur. This particular issue is not included as a hotfix in the 20.3.1 release, so the Home page must be loaded completely first, otherwise, you will run into this issue.
  • If the OC session is idle for 15-20 minutes, the CABI session may timeout. In that case, select the Home Page and let it load once again.

Operator Console portlet loads very slowly

The Operator Console loads greater than 120 seconds and still remains in a loading state.

Debug the page results using the Browser Developer Tool

Press F12 to start the Browser Developer tools. In the right pane, select Network, and then Ctrl-R to reload and check the output.

  • Under Headers > General, note if the Request URL is "https".

  • You can test the Request URL directly in the browser.

  • To help the OC load much faster, add the URL "…/cabijs/client/visualize.js: to the browser’s Trusted Sites.
  • edit wasp (raw configure) on each OC machine and add the cabi path to the setup section 'cabi=/domain/hub/robot/cabi'
  • edit cabi (raw configure) on the cabi server and set the cabi_url path under setup 'http://<IP or hostname>:80/cabijs'
  • deactivate, activate cabi
  • stop wasp on all OC servers and cabi server
  • delete the ../wasp/work directory from each machine
  • delete the ../wasp/webapps/cabi directory from each OC machine
  • activate wasp on all servers

Data Access Error

If you get the following error on the CABI home page, 

Data Access Error
Dashboard failed to load

This Data Access Error can occur if you’re using self-signed certificates for https. When you use valid CA-certified certificates, this issue will not occur.

Adjust the browser security settings

  1. In Chrome, you must change the browser security SameSite settings as shown below:

    Note: These settings may be slightly different, depending on the browser.

  2. Select the icon for the OC home page again, for example: <uim.xyz.com>/operatorconsole_portlet/overview
    The page should load in approximately 30 seconds or so.

Note: In Microsoft Edge, the Operator Console is certified on Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. The same site settings must be set to Disabled as noted above in the screenshot, and Schemeful Same-Site must be disabled as well.

Upgrade to 20.3.1

For the Data Access errors above, if the recommended procedure described above does not resolve the issue, follow the process below to upgrade to 20.3.1. See the Additional Information section for specific errors/issues you may encounter.

All downloads are listed on the hotfix site at this URL: https://support.broadcom.com/external/content/release-announcements/CA-Unified-Infrastructure-Management-Hotfix-Index/7233

  1. Download/Import Robot v9.32 into your local archive, then deploy to all core robots (Hub, OC, Cabi)
  2. Download/Import UIMAPI into archive, deploy to Primary hub
  3. Double-check cryptkey setting synched on all core robots (fully pathed out in raw Configure and certificate.pem files match) and check successful DNS lookup
  4. Download/Run OC on Primary hub and specify OC server during the upgrade (if possible, but it SHOULD show)
    ftp://UIMuser:[email protected]/Important%20Hotfixes/UIM_2031_Patch/
  5. Download/Unzip MCS bundle (it contains 4 packages that need to go into the archive and then onto either Primary Hub or OC)
    ftp://UIMuser:[email protected]/Important%20Hotfixes/UIM_2031_Patch/mon_config_service_20.31_bundle.zip
  6. Stop mon_config_service probe on Hub.
  7. Deploy mon_config_service_20.31.zip to the Hub.
  8. Activate mon_config_service (mcs).
  9. Stop WASP probe on OC server (old UMP).
  10. Deploy mon_config_service_ws_20.31.zip to the OC, Activate WASP.
  11. Deploy mon_config_service_recon_20.31.zip to the Hub.
  12. Activate the eponymous probe that gets created.
  13. Deploy mon_config_service_cli_20.31.zip to the Hub

Additional Information

NOTE: It is advisable to test performance using a browser either directly installed on the Operator Console server, or on the same local network without any firewall/etc between them, in order to rule out network appliances/configuration, low bandwidth/throttling, and other environmental factors.


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