Where to set the LOG=ASIS parameter to the Endevor BC1TENQU Table
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Where to set the LOG=ASIS parameter to the Endevor BC1TENQU Table


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What does the LOG=ASIS parameter in the Endevor BC1TNEQU table provide and where should you have this enabled? 



Release : 18.0 18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager



LOG=(ASIS| NONE| NOFAIL|NOSTAT) - Specifies whether the security software at your site logs access attempts. The LOG parameter is used on the RACROUTE macro. SMF records written by site security as a result of the LOG parameter are in addition to, and separate from, Endevor written SMF records. For more information about Endevor SMF logging, see Administrating. The valid values are:

  • ASIS  - Records access attempts as specified by the operating system ADDSD and ALTDSD operator commands, or with the RDEFINE and RALTER commands for tape or DASD volumes (if the CLASS= parameter specifies something other than data set). ASIS gives the security package control over what is logged based on the profile AUDIT options, the user UAUDIT attribute, and SETROPTS LOGOPTIONS settings. 
  • NONE - Suppresses logging by site security. If you are a CA ACF2 for z/OS user, set this parameter. Default.  
  • NOFAIL - Records access attempts depending on authorization check results. Does not record an access attempt, if the authorization check fails. If the authorization check succeeds, the access attempt is recorded. When used with a site security AUDIT setting of FAILURES(READ), the site security does not log a successful authorization check
  • NOSTAT - The access attempt is not recorded and resource statistics are not updated.