Posted Transaction Review portlet actions access rights
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Posted Transaction Review portlet actions access rights


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Unable to see the Posted Transaction Review link under the Actions drop down in the Cost Plan Detail area. It appears to be a permissions issue. What access rights do you need to provide for a user or group to be able to access the "Posted transaction review" portlet through the actions drop down menu? 

The expected outcome is that the user should be able to go to the "Financial Plans" tab of a project, click on a cost plan, and have access to the "Posted Transaction Review" portlet from the Actions drop down menu.


Release : All Supported


Grant the user Page - View access to Posted Transaction Review (id= cop.invTransactionReview)

Important: There is a second page with the same name so make sure to add the one with the id in yellow above. 

Steps to grant at instance level:

  1. Go to Administration->Resources
  2. Click on the Resource
  3. Click on the 'Resource's Access Rights' tab and select 'Instance'
  4. Click the 'Add' button
  5. From the Object drop down, select Page and click Next
  6. Check the check box next to 'Page - View' and click 'Add and Continue'
  7. Filter for Page ID: cop.invTransactionReview and click 'Add'
  8. Have the user log out and log back in to Clarity 


  • You can also grant Page Viewer - All at the Global level to provide access to all pages. 
  • You can also grant access at a group level instead of the user level to assign multiple users the same access that are part of the same group.