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After Teleview conversion to TPX, observed AZTI abend when transactions routes from CICS TOR to AOR


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TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS Teleview


After conversion from Teleview to TPX, the abend AZTI was observed in a CICS / MRO environment.


Release : 5.4

Component : CA-TPX for Z/OS


CICS @TCE terminal model list (autoinstall) sort sequence.


This is not a TPX condition, rather a CICS / MRO, specifically CICS autoinstall. (see below for explanation)

During normal processing, CICS provides terminal models and they are defined in group DFHTERM
They could be autoinstalled, however, they are sorted alphabetically.

The TMON model terminal @TCE, the character @ sorts before the character
               T for TPX... since the EBCDIC representation of @ is
                x'7C' but
                 T is x'E3' which is a larger number.

Theoretically if a terminal model 9999 is chosen, it would sort last.
There are only six rarely used symbols, which sort after the digit 9.

When the user issued NEMT on the TOR system, a terminal using the TMON terminal model @TCE was autoinstalled and shipped from the
TOR to the AOR to be used by the transaction (CEMT) which was running in AOR on behalf of NEMT.

When the program that was attached to this terminal tried to write a response to it, it found it was incompatible from it's expectations and abended with AZTI code.

The customer had to change the @TCE terminal model name to something else so that it would sort after the TPX terminal model names during the autoinstall for that terminal type.
Customer tested with terminal model name ZTCE and added it to the group and the problem was resolved.