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Clarity: Actions: 'Remove from my Projects' is not available if the first subpage on the project edit view does not support the Actions feature


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The Action Menu Item, 'Remove from My Projects' is not available on projects, and you see 'Add to My Projects' even though the project is listed in the My Projects portlet.
So you can add a project, but not remove it.
This is caused when the first subpage on the project edit view does not support the Actions feature, such as the Financial Summary subpage

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Log in as admin

  2. Navigate to Administration > Objects > Project

  3. Click on Views

  4. Click on [Layout:Edit] for the project properties

  5. Click on the Page properties link

  6. Select Financial Summary and move it to the top

  7. Save and Return

  8. Navigate to a project

  9. Go to the General view

  10. Click Actions > 'Add to My Projects' (this will add the project to 'My Projects' portlet list)

  11. Now click Actions again

Expected Result: Because the project is added to 'My Projects, we should expect to see 'Remove from My Projects'.
Actual Results:You still see 'Add to My Projects'.



Component: PROJECTS




Do not move a subpage that does not support Actions to the top of the edit view.


This has been determined to be an issue CLRT-71422, and is currently being reviewed by development.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-71422, clarity131open