Error Authenticating User <user> in Realm EEM?. EEM Failed to Attach to EEM Server
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Error Authenticating User <user> in Realm EEM?. EEM Failed to Attach to EEM Server


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE



This article will discuss a common misconfiguration that causes the following error during authentication: "EEM Failed to Attach to EEM Server"


When setting up an EEM - APM integration, you may come across the following error: "Error Authenticating User <user> in Realm EEM…. EEM Failed to Attach to EEM Server". This error may be caused due to a configuration error in the <EM Home>\config\realms.xml file.

Upon EM startup, the EM parses realms.xml (as well as all the other xml files) for syntactical errors and the EM will fail to start if any errors are found. However, this does not guarantee that there are no issues with realms.xml. When configuring reamls.xml for EEM, the EEM realm should appear similar to the following:

Realm descriptor="EEM Realm" id="EEM" active="true">
  <property name="username">
  <property name="host">
  <property name="appname">
  <property name="plainTextPasswords">
  <property name="enableAuthorization">
  <property name="password">

If you are encountering an "EEM Failed to Attach to EEM Server" error, verify the password provided for EEM is correct (setting plaintext password =true will encrypt this password upon EM startup). Additionally, verify that the host name provided ("host" property) is correct and resolvable. If issues still occur, consider switching from hostname to IP address or DNS in this field. Also be sure that this property contains the hostname only. A common misconfiguration is to also include the port.

   <property name="host">
     <value>hostname: port</value>

This is an incorrect configuration which will cause "EEM Failed to Attach to EEM Server" errors.

If these suggestions do not help, please feel free to contact CA Support for further assistance.


Component: APMISP