DevTest 10.6 Virtual Service Catalog is displaying wrong service endpoint
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DevTest 10.6 Virtual Service Catalog is displaying wrong service endpoint


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CA Cloud Test Mobile CA Application Test


The "Service end point URL" column in VS Catalog is displaying the registry host name instead of displaying the VSE host names where the service is running.

In the VSCatalog.log we are seeing:

500 Server Error https://<hostname>:1505/lisa-virtualize-invoke/api/v3/vses/<VSE_Name>/services/temp3/specifics (189ms, unknown-length body)



Release : 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization


This issue has been seen a few customers. In some cases the VSCatalog.log shows the VS Catalog running out of memory:

[FetchVsesService-1] .a.i.SimpleAsyncUncaughtExceptionHandler : Unexpected error occurred invoking async method: public void Java heap space


Engineering reviewed the issue, and they have a fix for this. If you are experiencing this problem, please contact Broadcom Support and request a copy of the  'bespin-service-1.7.2.jar' patch.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Go to VSC Machine

  2. Stop VSC Service

  3. Delete the folder 'solr-data' inside VSC Installed location

  4. Take a backup of the file 'bespin-service-1.7.2.jar' present in VSC_HOME\\lib folder. Move it to a folder outside.

  5. Place the attached file 'bespin-service-1.7.2.jar' in the folder VSC_HOME\\lib

  6. Edit the file VSC_HOME\\application.yml

    Please give the IAM URL as per your environment and make sure you update the port # as needed.

          url: <Enter your IAM URL Here. Eg: https://localhost:51111/auth>
        interval: 0 0/30 * * * *
      devtest.enableOkhttpLoggingInterceptor: false
      devtest.enableParallelProcessingOfVSEData: false      
      port: 52222
              sv: INFO
        okhttp3: ERROR          
        root: ERROR    
      file: bespin.log

    NOTE: Indentation in the application.yml file is important. Make sure the above indention is set. 

  7. Add the following properties to VSC_HOME\\bin\\vscatalogService.vmoptions

  8. Delete all the log files from VSC_HOME
  9. Start VSC Service



How to Test

  1. Login to VSC

  2. Make sure the ED has been added in 'Manage Catalog Settings' section

  3. Go to 'View Virtual Services'. Click on Refresh Icon

  4. Since the solr-data folder has been cleared. Please allow some time for VSC to pull all the Virtual Services

  5. For first time load of 60 Virtual services from 2 different VSEs, it takes about 3 minutes

  6. You may reduce approximately the time that it will take to load all the Virtual Services into your VSC based on number of ED, Registry, VSEs and Virtual services

  7. Even when the VSC pulls the data from Virtual Services, you can hit the refresh button to see the Virtual Services that have been loaded so far

    NOTE: If you note any instance of Out of Memory in log file, you may slightly increase the value of -Xmx from 4096m to a slight higher value in multiples of 250 MB and restart VSC Service.

An Explanation About the 2 new properties added as part of this patch:

  • devtest.enableOkhttpLoggingInterceptor - This property controls whether to enable or disable the logging from http API. It has been noticed that OOM errors were thrown from this layer when dealing with very large VSI files

  • devtest.enableParallelProcessingOfVSEData - This property controls whether to enable parallel processing to download VSs from all the VSEs that are known to the Registries connected to the ED(s). If you have very large VSI files of over 200MB size in your env, it is recommended to TURN OFF parallel processing to conserve the limited heap that is available for VSC process

Additional Information

In the application.yml file the properties devtest.enableOkhttpLoggingInterceptor: false and devtest.enableParallelProcessingOfVSEData: false are should be under the svcatalog or you can see the duplicate VS's in the catalog. It should be like below

  devtest.enableOkhttpLoggingInterceptor: false
  devtest.enableParallelProcessingOfVSEData: false      
If you have it like below, will face the issue.
     devtest.enableOkhttpLoggingInterceptor: false
     devtest.enableParallelProcessingOfVSEData: false