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AWI (Automic Web Interface) : No Warning Popup returned when an existing Key is entered again in a Static VARA


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


In AWI the following  popup does not show up when the user tries to insert a Key with a NUMERIC identifier that already exists in a static VARA.


– U05000028 WARNING: Scope 'X' already exists. Case-sensitive databases (Microsoft SQLServer) replace the first entry with the second. Save anyway?--


When this popup doesn't come up, the VARA is automatically updated, without any warning!



Component : Automic Web Interface 12.3.2/12.3.3


This is a bug that was fixed in the following AE version:

AE 12.3.5 already available



A Bug has been fixed where duplicate keys in VARA.STATIC were overriding each other on save. We now show and error when adding duplicate keys objects

This is corrected in AWI 12.3.5 expected in February 2020.

Additional Information

Expected behavior would be to see the following message box popping up in AWI: