Authentication issue running a Web Agent
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Authentication issue running a Web Agent


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You're running a Web Agent and you'd like to know how Web Agent does the authentication and authorization in order to develop an automated script with curl ( to reproduce the same access. How can you do that?


Web Agent 12.52Sp1CR10 on Apache 2.4.46 on RedHat 7


To be able to reproduce the browser behavior in curl, we suggest you
first to discover the journey by using Fiddler traces :

   Download Fiddler Classic

and run a browser with it. Fiddler will give you all the URL visited
for the login process and all the headers and cookies received and

With those details in hand, search the internet to find some samples on
how to develop the curl script to reproduce those journeys. Here's a
sample showing how to integrate with SAML Federation and the other
about HTML Form authentication :

   Developer Tutorial: Part I: A SAML SSO flow from the Command Line with cURL

   POST Form Data with cURL

If you need further assistance, we invite you to get in touch with our
Services department for implementation purposes:

  Enterprise Software Professional Services