Policy store upgrade to 12.8
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Policy store upgrade to 12.8


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We have a query regarding policy store upgrade.

As per the CA document, we have the plan to upgrade all our policy servers from 12.7 to 12.8 and then upgrading the ca directory policy store by extending the schema and running smpolicy.xml and smpolicy-secure.xml.

However, as per guide it is written that all the policy store should be upgraded together.

We have a setup of 4 policy server/policy stores and all are master so its like a multi-master setup.

can you guide that after upgrading all policy servers and we can extend schema and import smpolicy.xml one by one on each policy stores or they have to be done together.

Will there be any issue if we do it one by one and any replication will create any garbage data or data corruption in policy stores?

Or is it recommended to upgrade policy store by stopping other policy servers and policy stores?


Release : 12.7



Between 12.7 and 12.8 there are schema changes in the store.

it is good practice to upgrade the Policy servers and also upgrade the all Databases together,

Both Policy server and store should upgrade at the same time, databases will replicate data.

if all databases are upgraded at a time then replication happens with out errors.

it is not suggested as below :

if only policy server is upgraded to 12.8 and upgrading the store is not suggested. upgrading one store to 12.8 and other keeping other 3 stores are in 12.7 is also not suggested.