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Deleting heap dump files which were from Service Virtualization


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization


There are over 10 heap dump files in the environment and the file size of every heap dump file is large, then there are very small amount of free disk space. The heap dump files which names like java_pid****.hprof are created in /CA/DevTest/tmp directory.

Is it possible to delete these heap dump files? If so, are there any influences after deleting for using the product?


Release : 10.X

Component : CA Service Virtualization


DevTest components running out of memory creates the java_pidxx.hprof files.


The influence for deleting the heap dump files is only that we will lose the ways to investigate the memory related problems if the problems were critical.

When deleting the heap dump files, it is better to stop all the DevTest components. If some of them are executing and writing the heap dump file it is impossible to delete some of the heap dump files.