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Create a DWH DBLINK with an admin command in Clarity


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There are few ways to create a DBLINK:

  1. It can be created by clicking Save in CSA - Data Warehouse page. It creates the DBLINK behind the scenes by calling CMN_DBLINK_SP
  2. It can be created by the DBA on the database manually with CREATE DATABASE LINK or calling directly the Clarity SP CMN_DBLINK_SP
  3. It can be created by running the Clarity command from command prompt on the Clarity server

Since the first two methods are covered in the technical documentation here:  Install and Configure the Data Warehouse

Here we will cover the third one, how to create a DBLINK with a Clarity admin command


Release : Any



  1. Connect to the Clarity server, which has a Database and Data Warehouse set up correctly in CSA/properties.xml
  2. Run the command:

admin db create-db-link -Dtype=app -Dsysusername= -Dsyspassword= 

For most cases just admin db create-db-link should work, but some environments will require the other parameters as well.

Additional Information

Reference: Load DWH job frequently reported issues