Federation Manager import to Policy Server
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Federation Manager import to Policy Server


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We are trying to migrate federations from CA Federation Manager 12.52 to siteminder Policy Server 12.8

We used XPSExport and XPSImport to Export/Import the objects

During the import, we hit errors that duplicate values exist for Domain.Name="FedBackChannelBasicDomain" however we couldn't see any duplicates in the XML file

When we imported into the Policy Server after commenting out this object, all items imported apart from Federations/Entities 

What is the best approach for this kind of Migration (From Federation Manager to siteminder) ?

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Release : 12.8



Federation Manager was designed for customer who wanted to introduce federation into their environment without using Siteminder. It is/was essentially a black box appliance kind of thing. There is not a defined migration path from Federation Manager to Siteminder. It is effectively a different product to Siteminder.

The bottom line is that you would almost certainly be better off with recreating the federation in Siteminder. Importing will require a lot of messing around with the export files which introduces the potential for unknown side effects down the track.