Issue with Linux agent/job
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Issue with Linux agent/job


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Automic Admin did parallel Linux Agent installation.   They have the same agent/version installed on the same server which points to a different AE server and the jobs are running fine, however from the parallelly installed agent, we are getting below error.

bash: /usr/automic/ServiceManager/bin/../../Agent_Hot/unix/linux/bin/../temp/JAAGWJLT.TXT: Permission denied

all the permissions are same for both the agents however we are getting this error on the new agent.

When we run the job with "Command" option instead of placing it in "process" tab, the job runs fine.



Release : 12.3



Base of your permissions that were set on the Linux Agent (ls -alR /Agent_Hot)  if you are not running the job as user ([non-root username]) you will definitely run into permission problems.

The reason is the permissions to get to the:


is very restrictive.  If you look at the higher level directories:




just have 750 permissions. 

This means is a user is not the owner of the files or apart of the group defined to these directories we will not be able to execute a script.

Once customer updated the permissions to 755 for all these directories, the job completed successfully.