Model Name is not set after re-evaluation for mh
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Model Name is not set after re-evaluation for mh


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CA Spectrum


The following message is logged in the $SPECROOT/SS/VNM.OUT after upgraded the Spectrum from 10.4.0 to

Nov 05 09:50:24 ERROR TRACE at Model Name is not set after re-evaluation for mh:0x101f462



Release : 20.2.x

Component : SPCCSS - Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


There were duplicated RTM Tests Hosts


How to locate the duplicated RTM Test Hosts:

1. In a bash shell, navigate to the $SPECROOT/vnmsh/ directory.

2. Connect to the CLI (Command Line Interface).


3. Run the following syntax:

$ ./show attributes mh=0x101f462 | grep -i model_name > 0x101f462.txt

$ ./show attributes mh=0x101f462 > 0x101f462_full.txt

4. Disconnect to the CLI.


5. Upload the $SPECROOT/vnmsh/0x101f462.txt and 0x101f462_full.txt files to the case.

The Model Name (0x1006e) is missing for that particular model handle:


There were duplicated RTM_TestHosts, followed the below KB article to delete them:


Additional Information

Add the following to the $SPECROOT/SS/.vnmrc file and restart the SpectroSERVER process:


Then, if the issue re-occurs, upload the $SPECROOT/SS/VNM.OUT file to the case for review.