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Network Config Manager Parameters Not Visible in Component Detail / Information View


Article ID: 202788


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CA Spectrum CA eHealth



A newly discovered  Cisco ASR1002 does not show the  Network Configuration Manager and Network Configuration Policies Views under
 the Component Detail / Information View. Other Cisco ASR1002 devices have the parameter groups: Network Configuration Manager and
 Network Configuration Policies. In addition, the device also does not show under a Device Family 


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


The Cisco ASR 1002-X device has had enhanced certification going back to Spectrum 9.4. 


Checking the Device Certification Table in the OneClick console showed that this had been modified/customized at some point

Yes  Cisco Systems Cisco ASR 1002x GnCiscoDev Auto   Custom  Enhanced


- Deleted the customized entry from the Device Certification Table (which then reverts to the OOB cert entry)


- Deleted and Rediscovered/Modeled the Cisco ASR1002-X device

After this, the device correctly showed the NCM Views under the Information Tab and also populated into a Device Family

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