Gen Unix/Linux IT install 'attempting to overwrite a previous version"
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Gen Unix/Linux IT install 'attempting to overwrite a previous version"


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During installation of the Gen IT, provided the command (below) for the setup for a new instance 'CA86'.  Then tried with different unique instance names, but came across this warning window every time and not able to execute the setup:
./setup -I CA86

Warning message:  "You are attempting to overwrite a previous version of CA Gen." as shown below:


Release : 8.6

Component : CA Gen INSTALL, Gen Implementation Toolset


The reason for this error is that an instance of Gen 8.5 existed that had been installed without an instance name (ex. -I CA85).  So when the Gen 8.6 IT was installed with an instance name (ex. -I CA86) it resulted in the error.  Note, It is always recommended to install the Gen IT with an instance name. 


Work Around to add an instance name to the existing Gen 8.5 install, in order to allow the Gen 8.6 install to succeed. 
This is a work around to allow you to keep your Gen 8.5 IT install and install the new Gen 8.6 IT. 
As root, perform the following activities:

1. Verify the installed Gen product name:
lsm -l | grep  Gen
It is assumed that CAGen was returned.

2. cd to CA's product installation administration directory:
cd /opt/CA/installer/administration/admi

3. Rename the directory retaining the information for the CAGen installation:
mv CAGen CAGen.CA85
By renaming the Gen folder, it is essentially giving the default Gen 8.5 installation an instance name of 'CA85'.
Installation of Gen 8.6 should be now allowed using "./setup -I CA86".

4. Rename the Gen 8.5 installation file (*.prm) to match the new installation name:
cd CAGen.CA85/
mv CAGen.@prm CAGen.CA85.@prm

5. Edit CAGen.CA85@prm (vi) to make the following changes:
    a. rename #phead value from CAGen to CAGen.CA85
    b. add line #instancename: CA85 ; after line #multinst: 1 ;

Additional Information

Important Notes:
-  Recommendation is to backup the Gen 8.5 IT installation prior to this upgrade process.
-  As long as a new subdirectory for the installation (via the IT directory: prompt on the Install Implementation Toolset screen) is chosen, it will not impact the existing Gen 8.5 installation.