Account Plans not synced in apim-ssg
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Account Plans not synced in apim-ssg


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CA API Developer Portal


When attempting the steps to have the account plans synchronized for the proxy for apim as mentioned in the migration prerequisites our account plans are still not syncing up.

We are not seeing any errors related to the account plan sync.



Release : 4.5

Component : API PORTAL


From Policy Manager , scheduled task for api sync are disabled by default


1. login the api-url from Policy Manager , you need to use the following :

APIM URL : , using admin/password ,

2. to know the default password for admin on this gateway , you can run this command on container docker form factor :

docker inspect $(docker ps --filter name=portal_apim -q) | grep SSG_ADMIN_PASSWORD "SSG_ADMIN_PASSWORD=M2NlY2RhZTMyZDZkNWMyZGI3"

3. once logged in , please check is the Scheduled are enabled to sync the portal with your apim-ssg gateway URL

Policy Manager -> Tasks ->Global Settings -> Manage Scheduled Tasks

by default those API sync comes disabled. If disabled please Enabled them.

Additional Information

1. This schedule task control the sync between the gateway and the apim-ssg url only.

2. The Tenant URL is controlled/sync by the Proxy GW enrolled with Portal. Login in tenant and select proxies to confirm the server name which need to select to configure the scheduled tasks.