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Configuring the VS to use new certificate file cause 502 error


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization


Sometimes, VS's are configured to use new certificate files and when transactions are sent against them getting 502 errors in the Fiddler.


Release : 10.x

Component : CA Service Virtualization


Orphan processes are running on the VS ports cause the issue.


Below are the recommendations to resolve the issue.

. Killed the orphan process listening on VS ports.

. In Fiddler or any client app make sure the TLS version is configured to what VSE is using.

. If the certificate file is PFX, then try creating a JKS file with the certificate and use it.

. Configure with the new JKS file in ssl.server.cert.path and ssl.server.cert.pass properties and then use them in VSM-->Listen step for VS's. 

. Make sure https.protocols=TLSv1.2,TLSv1.1,TLSv1 in (This should be in sink with client application configuration like Fiddler,..).

Cleaning the VSE environment will also help any other issues.
. Stopped the VSE.
. In DevTest_Home/vseDeploy/VSE_2013 folder, deleted all the *.tracking folders.
. In DevTest_Home/vseRecordings/VSE_2013 folder deleted all the files.
. In DevTest_Home/vsBuilderSessions/VSE_2013 folder deleted all the files.
. Deleted lisatmp_10.x.x/lads folder from your logs .
. Restarted VSE.