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OPMS Full Page Monitor - [Errno 111] Connection refused (-99)


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CA App Synthetic Monitor DX Application Performance Management


One of our OPMS's refuses to run any full page monitor and returns [Errno 111] Connection refused (-99)

Running "monit summary" shows everything running. I would like to find out if this is a ASM OPMS issue or is something else.


OPMS version is using the newest release


Release : ASM SAAS



browsermobproxy showed no errors and then started showing the below.

[WARNING  org.eclipse.jetty.util.component.AbstractLifeCycle] FAILED [email protected]: Cannot assign requested address Cannot assign requested address

[SEVERE  net.lightbody.bmp.proxy.Main] Failed to start Jetty server. Aborting. Cannot assign requested address

smartpop-rbm shows the connection refused

INFO multiprocessing [RBM process rid: 524531] Creating proxy
ERROR multiprocessing [RBM process rid: 524531] [Errno 111] Connection refused
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 194, in main_rbm_process
proxy = proxy_mgr.get_proxy(wminput.proxy > 0, wminput.proxyAddress, wminput.proxyProtocol, wminput.proxyPort, wminput.proxyUsername, wminput.proxyPassword)
File "/opt/asm/smartpop/agents/rbm/", line 40, in get_proxy


To resolve,  run the following commands in the below order on the OPMS server.

1. monit restart bm_proxy

2. monit restart fpm

3. Check the full page monitor on the next check to see how it responds going to that OPMS server.

Keep in mind that the check could be happening at the same time the two above are restarted, so give it about 5 minutes if the check already ran.