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Jaspersoft connectivity with Clarity technical overview


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Clarity PPM On Premise


From technical perspective how does the connectivity work between jaspersoft and clarity?

Does it use a JDBC for connection? How does it authenticate with clarity?

Does it use the ppmjasperadmin user for that?



Release : 15.8.1



Jaspersoft uses a JDBC connection to talk to its own repository.

You can see the details (encrypted) in the jaspersoft context.xml file.

Data sources for the clarity and DWH schemas are kept in the Clarity database.

You can see the JDBC driver details if you go to the properties for the jaspersoft data sources.

The encryption keys are stored as user attributes for the user "jasperadmin".

To communicate/integrate with Jaspersoft, Clarity uses a keystore file pair.
Similar to this, but we have wrappers around the commands used:

This is what is used to get a session id for the user in clarity to jaspersoft, so there is no separate login to jaspersoft.

These same files exist on the clarity and jaspersoft servers.
There are keys for encrypting the database passwords and other important details
on the "jasperadmin" user in jaspersoft.

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