Need To Reduce The NFA Historical Data To 30 Days
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Need To Reduce The NFA Historical Data To 30 Days


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


The company's corporate GDPR policy dictates NFA data retention should be kept for 30 days or less.


Release : 10.0



Based on the default data retention values, we only need to change the retention period for Historical Archive Data, currently 1 year.

Using the above knowledge document you can set type_id 1 to mimic the settings for type_id 2 since that is set for 30 days already.

update datastores set maxthreshold=2559200 where type_id=1;

update datastores set minthreshold=7200 where type_id=1;

Restart retention service.  Now the historical data retention is set to 30 days. 

If old data is not deleted then please also review the following article:

Additional Information

From the NFA documentation it covers the default data retention periods: 

NetFlow Archive Data – “Raw” NetFlow data, including NetFlow template data (.nfa and .nta files). Typically keep 24 hours of this data.

Reaper Archive Data – 1-minute summarized data (archive database). Typically keep 30 days of this data.

Historical Archive Data – 15-minute summarized data (archive15 database). Typically keep 1 year of this data.