Tasks in Clarity not synchronizing to Rally
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Tasks in Clarity not synchronizing to Rally


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Tasks in Clarity not synchronizing as epics (or another portfolio item) in Rally for a Project with milestones defined


We have a project where we have the agile synchronization checked. The last sync date is being updated and the project is showing as synced successfully, but I don't see the tasks we created in Clarity as epics under the corresponding Initiative in Rally. The initiative in Rally which corresponds to the project in Clarity was created.


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This can be due to the synchronization not be checked at the task level. 


To check the synchronize setting for tasks via Classic:

  1. Go to the project, then go to the Tasks tab 
  2. Click the gear icon on the right hand side of the Tasks list then Configure
  3. Add Synchronize to Available Columns
  4. Save and Return
  5. Then view the synchronize value for the tasks, if it's not checked, check this value, then retry the sync

Synchronize can also be added in the Modern User Experience (UX):

  1. Go to the project in the Modern UX
  2. Click on the Tasks tab and go to the Grid View
  3. Add Synchronize to the Column list 
  4. Check the Synchronize check box for the tasks that should be synced to Rally

Additional Information

See also Syncing Tasks/Features between Rally and Clarity for full more information on task syncing

Reference in tech docs: Associate Clarity Projects with Rally and Synchronize Data