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All the Default Windows Task Schedules were deleted from Symantec Management Platform server


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IT Management Suite


The customer accidentally deleted all the default Windows Task Schedules (the default scheduled tasks like NS.Daily, NS.Package Refresh, etc.) related to our product on their SMP server. 


ITMS 8.5 and later


If the default scheduled tasks were just deleted from the SMP server but those haven't been deleted from the database, try the following:

1. If you still see the one called NS.Weekly, run that one, and it should recreate all of the default SMP scheduled tasks.

2. If NS.Weekly is gone as well, run the following from the command prompt as Administrator:

"C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\bin\ScheduleProcessor.exe" {ab7141ed-e03a-48e5-9051-a71b5912b7f2}

Note: We are assuming the SMP is installed in the C drive. If not, just change the drive letter on the command line.

3. If now NS.Weekly and the other appears under Task Scheduler, then check under the SMP Console (Settings>Notification Server>Shared Schedules) and make sure they are set to enabled.



Another approach is if all our default scheduled tasks were deleted but still present in the SMP Console under "Settings>Notification Server>Shared Schedules", you can try to re-enable them on the SMP Console. Some may be set as "read only" and you may cannot get then re-enabled. If you were able to re-enable NS.Weekly, check if it is now present under the Task Scheduler and run it. Running NS.Weekly should place them back with the right settings.



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