Restarting a task
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Restarting a task


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Tasks that have already been executed can be restarted and you can define the required Execution Options.

This function allows you to execute the task again using different parameters to the original ones; this is useful particularly in case of tasks included in a Workflow because it allows you to restart the task and modify its settings without having to execute the entire Workflow again.


  1. In the Process Monitoring perspective search for the task you want to restart. For more information, see Global Search.
  2. If the task is included in a Workflow, open the Workflow Monitor and make it editable. For more information, see Workflow Monitor Overview.
  3. Right-click the task and select Restart from the popup menu.
    The Restart <task name> dialog is displayed.
    Expand the Test Options section and activate the following checkboxes:
  4. Activate attributes dialog
  5. As a result, the Requests dialog will be displayed before actually restarting the task, allowing you to modify its attributes.
  6. Display in activation report: Modifications of attributes
  7. For audit purposes, your modifications will be available on the activation report.
  8. Click Restart.
    The Input Required pop up is displayed at the top of your screen. Click the Open link to open the Requests dialog.
    Modify the attributes as required and click Submit.

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