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Task Dependencies not always Copying over from Template


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When adding a new task(s) in the PPM Gantt using the Copy from Template feature, some task dependencies are not being linked in the copy from template while others are. It seems that successors don't copy over but predecessors do, though this seems inconsistent.  Why are some dependency relationships not getting linked?


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Dependency relationships will copy over for Tasks in the below scenarios when copying tasks from template:

  1. The task that has the dependency is one of the tasks being copied.

Example: If Task1 and Task2 are being copied from a template, and Task2 is a successor to Task1, then the dependency for Task1 and Task2 will copy over

An d/ OR

     2. The task has the same exact Task ID in both the source (template) and destination project.

Example: If Task1 and Task2 are being copied from a template, and Task3 has a successor relationship to Task2, the dependency relationship for Task3 and Task2 will copy over from the Source project if Task3 has the same exact Task ID in the source and destination projects. 

The reason the Task ID is required if the task is not one being copied over is this is what Clarity uses to identify which task is an exact match (if any) in the destination project if it's not selected as part of the copy. This is needed as there can be multiple tasks with the same name (but not same Task ID) in one project. Task IDs must be unique per project so this is why this is used over a Task Name.

If Tasks are auto-numbered, and do not match, then the one option aside from manually creating the dependency after the copy, would be to temporarily disable autonumbering for Tasks, update the IDs as needed, then do the copy. 

Additional Information

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