AWI: Cannot find objects via "search for use" with substring
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AWI: Cannot find objects via "search for use" with substring


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Due to a mass Object renaming operation to replace a particular substring from the Object Name by another substring, the Search for Use feature needs to be used.

The AWI's Search feature returns all Objects that have the old part of the name in the object name.

However, we run into a major problem when Searching for the use of objects with this substring on its name.

It is possible to search explicitly for the use of an object (full name), but not for parts of the name (e.g. *AFR*).

In AWI, if you try to replace the Object Name by a substring like AFR*, it fails with this API error:

"The AWI Search API could not respond to your request"

This works fine via the Java UI as shown here:



Release : 12.x

Component : Automic.Web.Interface (AWI)




By design, AWI does not allow Search for Use for particular strings, a real complete Object Name is necessary for this feature.



Use Java UI 12.0.x for this purpose



Unfortunately, this is expected behavior on AWI, the Search for Use feature can only be used on a specific existing Object Name, wildcards like all objects starting by a particular string (STRING*) or containing a string (*STRING*) cannot be used.

Additionally, RA CONN objects values are not indexed by Lucene Index so the AWI "Search" will not find these objects either.