Some Spectrum Linux Workstation models are not reconciling with UIM
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Some Spectrum Linux Workstation models are not reconciling with UIM


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CA Spectrum


Some Spectrum Linux Workstation models are not reconciling with UIM


Release : 10.2.3 and greater

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Possible root cause is the Spectrum Linux Workstation model is considered a network device. Reference the following from the "Integration with UIM" section of the documentation:

Reconciliation Enhancements

In earlier releases, when DX NetOps Spectrum models UIM host Server if the network devices such as routers or switches have the same IP address then DX NetOps Spectrum reconciles based on IP address and network devices are displayed as part of UIM Manager Hierarchy.

Starting from 10.2.3, for the same scenario, DX NetOps Spectrum will create UIM Host Server/UIM VM models in the UIM Manager Hierarchy and stop reconciling with the network devices with IP Address.

In this specific issue, Spectrum was treating the Linux Work Station model as a network device. Specifically, setting the DataRelayClass attribute id 0x11a3d to a value of Router (3).

In order for Spectrum to set the DataRelayClass to a value of Router (3), Spectrum checks for the following:

1. The value of ipForwarding must be a value of Forwarding (1)

2. AND 1 of the following:

a. The ipAddrTable must have at least two ipAddr entries (besides the default loopback address of and the corresponding interface(s) must be active

b. In ipCidrTable or ipRouteTable, there are at least two routing interfaces, or at least one route is learned from routing protocol.

For the Linux Work Station model in question, the ipForwarding was set to Forwarding (1) AND there were two ip addresses in the ipAddrTable and the interfaces were active.

So this device meets #1 and #2a above and the DataRelayClass is set to Router (3).



The value of the DataRelayClass attribute on the model can be manually changed to a value of None (0) but a reconfiguration of the model will change it back to Router (3).

The ipForwarding attribute in the ip mib is read/write. So, if the device is modeled using a read/write community string, you can change the value from forwarding (1) to not-forwarding (2) and then reconfigure the model in Spectrum. This should set the DataRelayClass to None (0).