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CA PDSMAN - S0C4 running IEBCOPY to copy from GDG to PDSE


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The following s0c4 abend can occur when running IEBCOPY/PDSMAN to copy a file from a GDG to a PDSE:

      SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=0C4  REASON CODE=00000011                     
       NO ACTIVE MODULE FOUND                                            



Release : 7.7

Component : CA-PDSMAN for OS/390


New fix published as  SO15464 will correct this

Additional Information

This is a LOAD operation -  the input is a sequential file (GDG) that contains an unloaded PDSE.
The unloaded data set contains a huge number of members - we have a counter for a selection  list we're building that has 455,779 members. 
That number of members  has caused a GETMAIN length to be calculated incorrectly and PDSMAN has gone  to one of the end the area prematurely and the 0C4-11 results.

Circumvent the problem by adding //FCOPYOFF DD DUMMY to the job.