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Access logs are not uploaded/are empty


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The logs are not getting uploading to log server/Symantec Report from the ProxySG after transfer client is configured and event log is showing "Upload request completed. There is no log data to upload."


ProxySG is not configured to pass data to the Access Log.


Create a Web Access Layer and ensure that data is being passed to the desired Access Log:

  1. From the Proxy UI select Configuration > Policy > Visual Policy Manager; click Launch.
  2. In the VPM, select Policy > Add Web Access Layer.
  3. Enter a layer name into the dialog that appears and click OK.
  4. Add a Source object: (optional if want to collect all data leave as any.
    1. Right click on the item in the Source column; select Set.
    2. Click New; select Client IP Address/Subnet.
    3. Enter an IP address or Subnet Mask in the dialog that appears and click Add; click Close (or add additional addresses and then click Close); click OK.
  5. Add an Action object to this rule:
    1. Right-click on the item in the Action column; select Set.
    2. Click New in the Set Action Object dialog that appears; select Modify Access Logging.
      1. Click "Enable logging to:" and select that log from the drop-down list;
      2. Click OK; click OK again; close the VPM window and click Yes in the dialog to save your changes.