MSP: Late tasks display as Future Tasks
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MSP: Late tasks display as Future Tasks


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The Status and Status Indicator columns are somehow being considered future tasks, even though the dates for the tasks are in the past. 

Example: If today's date is 11/19/20, and my task Start Date is 11/17/20, with a Finish Date of 11/18/20, it is showing as Future Task, when it's expected to show as Late. (Other tasks will show as On Schedule unexpectedly)

If using the View tab -> Highlight late tasks option, late tasks are not being highlighted.


Release : All Supported



Issue is due to the Status Date set in MSP for the project not being sent to the current date. The Status Date is used to calculate whether tasks are on schedule, late, or future.

Status Date for the above example is highlighted in yellow in the MSP ribbon:


  1. Update the Status Date in MSP to the date that you want to have the calculations reflected for. You can change this date to NA to have it always sync to the current date, but this will delete the As of Date in Clarity. 
  2. You can also update the As of Date for the project in Clarity and export the project to MSP

Once you make one of the above changes, you will see the tasks now show the expected Status (In the example above, tasks now show Status of Late, as the Status Date for the project is now showing as 11/19/20