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New CA Licensing key delivery


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All customer entitlements have been migrated to the Broadcom Support Portal, where users will have the ability to authenticate to the portal, download products and generate new license keys.

The following section covers the Entitlement View experience and capabilities within the Broadcom Support Portal.


What is Different?
Effect November 9th, CA On-Prem keys will be available to download within the new My Entitlements page of the Broadcom Support Portal.

Once registered and logged in, customers can:

  • View all entitlements owned by the account(s) they are associated with
  • Download license keys for Enterprise Software, Mainframe Software and Symantec
  • Filter search results by product name, active and expired contract status, or serial number (Symantec)
  • Locate the contract number for each product
  • Get license keys almost instantly.

How do I get my License Key?
If you have a new order, renewal, or just need your key you will be able to get most keys on the My Entitlements page on the Broadcom Support Portal.
To get your key and product download, follow these steps.

  1. Register at
  2. Get your Support Site ID from your ESD letter.
  3. Upgrade your profile by requesting access to your Support Site ID. Need Help?
  4. Once approved, you will have access to your keys and product downloads.

SaaS Customers
SaaS Customers will still receive a provisioning email, keys are not available on the Support Portal

Keyless Products
Some products may be keyless. Although the product will show in the My Entitlement page, there may be a note that the product doesn't require a key.

Manual Keys
There are still some products that require manual key generation from our licensing team. You will still see the product line item in the My Entitlement page, but the keys will be manually delivered via email and license case. We will note the case number that the key was delivered in My Entitlement page.

For help with using and navigating the My Entitlement page, click here.