Database via JDBC connection support for TLS 1.2
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Database via JDBC connection support for TLS 1.2


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I cannot find TLS 1.2 configuration information for Database connections.   Our DB is TLS 1.2 compliant but connections are not yet configured for TLS 1.2.  Could you please advise how to configure this connection?


For TLS there is no configuration within Identity Manager for any of the databases. This is because the application server is actually managing the DB connections through the database drivers.

Any configuration for TLS will be between JBoss/Wildfly and the Database. As such, we do not document TLS configuration between the app server and DB. The TLS settings would go into the data source and the java startup options, but you should work with your application server administrator, consult RedHat Support or the Wildfly communities, for the best way to implement TLS for DBs.