Issue with dynamic title and AlarmNotifer
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Issue with dynamic title and AlarmNotifer


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CA Spectrum CA eHealth


Spectrum Alarm Notifier SetScript is not working when parsing on PCAUSE because the PCAUSE now shows the Dynamic Alarm Title instead of the original Alarm Title pulled from the PCAUSE files.  Originally Notifier would pass the first line of the flat PCAUSE file as the PCAUSE even if Dynamic Alarm Title was used.  To see the dynamice alarm title previously you would need to pass the dynamic alarm title attribute - 0x12b4c in the .alarmrc and SetScript as a variable.   In 10.4.1 and above the Notifier process has been changed so that the PCAUSE entry now passes the Dynamic Alarm Title.


Release : 10.4


Alarm Notifier was enhanced to support the dynamic alarm title so if it is being used, the original PCAUSE that is passed is now using the Dynamic Title and not the original PCAUSE.  If the SetScript is used to parse both PCAUSE and ALARM TITLE, this will cause parse issues with ticketing depending on the values.

You can get around this by coding a solution that grabs the original Alarm Title from the flat files.  Here is one solution that works:

NEWCAUSE="`cat $SPECROOT/custom/Events/CsPCause/*$CAUSE* | awk -F '\\' '{print $1}'`"

NEWCAUSE="`echo "$NEWCAUSE" | head -1`" if [ -z "${NEWCAUSE}" ] ;


NEWCAUSE="`cat $SPECROOT/SG-Support/CsPCause/*$CAUSE* | awk -F '\\' '{print $1}'`" NEWCAUSE="`echo "$NEWCAUSE" | head -1`"