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how to enable "LDAP connection" for multiple user objects


Article ID: 202506


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Is there a way to enable all the user objects with the "LDAP connection" check box - enabled. without going through each individual user object?


Release : 12.3



In the 12.3 AWI, in the client needing to change a bulk amount of users to LDAP connections as an admin user, the following can be done(this can also be done in client 0):

  • Go to the Administration perspective
  • Go to the Users sub-panel
  • In the upper right of this area right under the "Refresh" icon is a drop-down; click this and be sure that "LDAP Connection" is checked.
  • Click on the "LDAP Connection" column heading at the top so that it is sorted by users without an LDAP Connection first and with an LDAP Connection farther down
  • Click the top user, then Ctrl+Shift+Click further down the list to select multiple users
  • Right-click the selection of users and choose "Activate LDAP"
  • This will activate the LDAP Connection checkbox for these users in bulk.