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Automated_deployment_engine failing to start during upgrade to 20.1 or 20.3


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Automated_deployment_engine failing to start during upgrade to 20.1 with the install log noting that it cannot find the path to JRE


Release : 20.1, 20.3

Component : automated_deployment_engine


-Validate that you have mounted the .ISO and not extracted the files from it. If extracted the file can actually unzip the file as much smaller than it actually is.
-Restart up the upgrade process.
-At the end of the installation it may hang during activating all the probe. This may require you to go into IM and activate the probes manually. Once they are all started the upgrade should say it is completed.

If this was not the case and the ISO was mounted, follow the additional information section.

Additional Information

Looking at the installation logs we could see that the problem was that ADE was looking for java_jre in an updated directory. JRE was stated as updated by the installer prior to moving on to ADE.

Looking at the java_jre directory we could see that the .7z was there for the version that automated_deployment_engine was looking for, but it had not been extracted.


./7za x jre-8u102-Linux-x64.7z

During the installation we opened IM, and ran the install of the latest JRE to the primary. After doing this we could see the path that ADE was looking for was there.

Deactivated and activated ADE, and the upgrade continued on and in some cases you may need to cancel the Upgrade and execute the installer again