Data Warehouse database link error NSA-0132 in CSA
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Data Warehouse database link error NSA-0132 in CSA


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Setting up Data Warehouse. The credentials are successful, the database states Available. Upon saving it throws this error message: 

NSA-0132: Database link could not be created successfully. Please verify the Database and Data Warehouse connection details.


Release : Any


Click on Save twice once you are in CSA - Data Warehouse.

If you're still getting this error, this would mean that the link has not been created as expected by the Save action. In this case do the following:

1. Ask the DBA to create the DBLINK from DWH to Clarity and provide you the name of the link

2. Once it's done, enter the name in NSA - Data Warehouse and select to enable "Custom Link"


3. If error is gone, restart the services and you should be good to go

Additional Information

Note: If you're using a Custom Link in CSA then you may still have this error message being thrown, but you have to simply ignore it. 

Why this happens: 

When you click Save in NSA it tries to recreate the db link in the background. If you select Custom Link then it doesn't matter as it will not recreate it anyway.