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APMIA - Log Monitor - How to config frequency of running a command?


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


Per the documentation for Log monitor extension, we can trigger a command.

Is there a configuration setting on how frequently we can run this command ?

  • command (optional): 
    If the value of sourceFile is "command", then the application uses this value to run a shell command and use the output as the source for the LogMonitor (for example, vmstat).


Release : SAAS

Component : MOBILE API


Per Engineering, cmdDelay  parameter can be used as a workaround. 


  • cmdDelay: 

1. If the script takes longer than default 30 secs, then increase and specify the time delay in seconds to wait, if the command is not responsive due to some reasons.

2. If wanting to trigger the script/command less than default 30 secs. Decrease and specify the time in seconds to trigger.