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License Installation Instructions for Mainframe LMP Keys


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License Installation Instructions for Mainframe LMP Keys


Due to changes in our systems, the structure of our keys are changing.  The keys are no longer CPU dependent. They are now site based.  You are still governed by the terms of your paper contact and should see no impact to performance.

PTF RO97307 is required if you are running CA Common Services 14.1 AND Product license key contains DATE beyond 2025.  If you are not able to install the PTF at this time, please contact us so that we may generate a key valid through 2025.

There are changes required in the CALMP control cards. The attachment contains YOUR SITEID control card that will be required to process CALMP execution keys, which use the SITEID processing option.

The SITEID control card must be the first non-commented record in the KEYS dd. The rest of the records in the KEYS dd may be any mixture of Product Execution keys and optionally one EKG control card. If more than one Product Execution Key for the same product is found and they are valid then the one with the greatest expiration date is used.

For z/os, the company name must always be defined exactly how it was generated. It cannot be shortened or modified. Some company names are longer than others. In this instance, the company name can be moved to the next line (see example below), however the first line must contain a dash - in column 72.

SITEID(12345678) SITECODE(QS0YSHKWERJQKMP0AFLRU)                                                                              DASH (-) in column 72

Additional installation instructions can be found by navigating to the following URL:
For z/VM, the SITEID record must to be ONE complete line - No continuation.
CALMP KEYS file resides on VMANAGER's 1FF disk and must have an LRECL 128 with RECFM F.

Additional installation instructions for z/VM can be found by navigating to the following URL: 

For a complete list of Mainframe products and their associated keys, please navigate to the URL below.


Please feel free to contact us using the Global Directory below, should you have any questions or concerns.

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