Installing Mainframe LMP keys
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Installing Mainframe LMP keys


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Guide for installing your Mainframe LMP license keys.


Site keys are no longer CPU dependent. They are now site based.  You are still governed by the terms of your paper contact and should see no impact to the performance of your product(s).

The attachment contains YOUR SITEID control card that will be required to process CALMP execution keys, which use the SITEID processing option.

The SITEID control card must be the first non-commented record in the KEYS dd. The rest of the records in the KEYS dd may be any mixture of Product Execution keys and optionally one EKG control card. If more than one Product Execution Key for the same product is found and they are valid then the one with the greatest expiration date is used.


Sites that are running older versions of these products must take the following action to use
license keys with expiration dates beyond December 31, 2025:

  • If you are running CCS for z/OS 15.0, no further action is needed. All fixes required for keys beyond the year 2025 are included in the GA version of CCS 15.0
  • If you are running CCS for z/OS 14.1, install CCS 15.0. CCS 14.1 is end-of-service. If you cannot upgrade yet, apply RO97307
  • If you are running CCS for z/OS 14.0 or earlier, install CCS 15.0. These earlier versions are End-Of-Service and do not support license keys beyond December 31,
    View the z/OS Compatibility Matrixto determine the z/OS requirements for CCS15.0

z/VSE Systems:

  • If you are running CIS for VSE 1.4 SP 13, no further action is needed.
  • If you are running CIS for VSE 1.4 prior to SP 13, upgrade to the latest CIS for VSE. If this is not currently possible, apply SO01104

z/VM Systems:

  • If you are running the following z/VM Broadcom products, no further action is needed:
    • VM:Backup HiDRO 2.8
    • VM:Sort 1.4
    • VM:Spool V/Seg-Plus

  • If you are running VM:Manager or other z/VM Broadcom products, refer to the following list for the minimum RSU level or PTF number:
    • VM:Account 1.7: RSU-1901
    • VM:Archiver 2.4: RSU-1901
    • VM:Backup 3.6: RSU-1901
    • VM:Batch 1.4: RSU-1901
    • VM:Operator 3.1: RSU-1901
    • VM:Schedule 2.0: RSU-1901
    • VM:Secure 3.2: RSU-1801
    • VM:Spool 1.8: RSU-1901
    • VM:Tape 2.0: RSU-1801
    • Dynam/T VM 3.0: LU00867(also see Special Instructions in KB Article 212393)
    • TopSecret/VM 12.1: LU08159
    • MIM/VM 12.0: LU13129
    • ACF2/VM 12.0: LU03260 (contact ACF2 support for availability)





FOR z/os

For z/os, the company name must always be defined exactly how it was generated. It cannot be shortened or modified. Some company names are longer than others. In this instance, the company name can be moved to the next line (see example below), however the first line must contain a dash - in column 72.

SITEID(12345678) SITECODE(QS0YSHKWERJQKMP0AFLRU)                                                                              DASH (-) in column 72

Additional installation instructions can be found here.


FOR z/vm

The SITEID record must to be ONE complete line - No continuation.
CALMP KEYS file resides on VMANAGER's 1FF disk and must have an LRECL 128 with RECFM F.

Additional installation instructions for z/VM can be found here.


For a complete list of Mainframe products and their associated keys, please navigate to the URL below. 

Additional Information

If you need any further assistance, please contact Broadcom Customer Care via chat on support portal or create a ticket using the webform.