Unable to Delete Global Variables with special Characters
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Unable to Delete Global Variables with special Characters


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Normally, a sendevent to set a Global Variable will not allow you to create one with special characters such as '?'. You will get this message:
"CAUAJM_E_60028 Global Name contains one or more invalid characters."

One customer did notice they had some GVs with special characters in their list of GVs from command 'autorep -G ALL'.

They tried to delete them using 'sendevent', but were getting the same error above.


Release : 11.3.6

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


It was not determined how the Global Variables with special characters were inserted into the database. They were perhaps remnants from a previous version before upgrade/migration.


The Global Variables are all stored in the ujo_glob table.

To remove a Global Variable manually from the DB:

delete from ujo_glob where glo_name='gvname';

Replace 'gvname' with the actual name of the Global Variable.

Example where your Global Variable is called TEST??_01 :

delete from ujo_glob where glo_name='TEST??_01';

If you have Dual Event Servers, run the delete statement on both.