CA Gen blob functions (e.g. lengthblob) not visible in function list when edit an action diagram
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CA Gen blob functions (e.g. lengthblob) not visible in function list when edit an action diagram


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Gen Gen - Workstation Toolset


For a new model, blob functions are not visible in the function list when edit an action diagram in a new model.
If an existing model contains the use of a blob function e.g. lengthblob, then that function is visible for additional use. However other blob functions are still not visible.
Gen 8.5 IR3 PTF WKS85003 is installed.


Release : 8.5, 8.6
Component : CA Gen Workstation Toolset


Support created the same behaviour in-house for Gen 8.5 and Gen 8.6 when starting the toolset as a normal user and not the Administrator user.
Using the Administrator user or starting the toolset with "Run as administrator" option will work around the problem.

Blob functions are different to normal Gen functions and exist as user-defined/user-added functions which are defined in the file "C:\ProgramData\CA\Toolset\userfunctions.xml".
The reported behaviour is caused by file "C:\ProgramData\CA\Toolset\userfunctions.xml" only having "Read & execute" and "Read" set for the "Users" group but the toolset is trying to open the file with "Write" access.
If "Write" access for the "Users" group is also given to that file, that will resolve the problem without needing to run the toolset as administrator.

Additional Information

Blob functions were originally created in Gen 8.5 IR2 PTF WKS85002/RO77294.Gen 8.5 IR3 PTF WKS85003/RS79863 contains all the changes in WKS85002 and the WKS85003 PTF install executes a file UserFunctionsInstall.bat which copies userfunctions.xml to directory "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\CA\Toolset\userfunctions.xml" where "ALLUSERSPROFILE=C:\ProgramData". 
Similarly, a new install of Gen 8.6 will use UserFunctionsInstall.bat to create the same file "C:\ProgramData\CA\Toolset\userfunctions.xml".
NOTE: The Gen 8.6 install leaves a copy of userfunctions.xml (and UserFunctionsInstall.bat) in the Gen install directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Gen86\Gen", but that version of userfunctions.xml is not used by the toolset.